What a Legacy….

My local free newspaper often has auction notices; many of them are for estate auctions. Here’s the description at the top of one upcoming auction of an elderly couple’s estate:

In 1959 this couple started aggressively collecting and warehousing an unbelievable amount of antiques and collectibles. Rooms are stacked to the ceiling, many more items than listed. Watch for dates of more auctions.

In other words, this couple collected so much stuff for nearly 60 years that it will take multiple auctions to get rid of it all.

Isn’t that sad? What was the point? It almost sounds like they were hoarders. Their heirs must have been so overwhelmed, and even the auction agent must be shaking his/her head (while happily figuring out what multiple auctions will do for their bottom line).

A house full of rooms stacked from floor to ceiling with stuff. What a legacy…..

Fire at the Hoarders’ Apartment

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG972aFrzQ4]

In New York City, firefighters had to throw large amounts of junk out of the window of an apartment where they were putting out a fire. The apartment was the home of two elderly disabled men who are hoarders. Story with more photos HERE.