The Freedom of RV Life with Kids Has Its Limits

(Continuing the theme from last week’s post….) A family of six decides to give up the modern life of the big house full of toys and furniture and take their family life on the road. We’re seeing more and more stories about this and it fascinates some of us and appalls others.

As someone who raised a large family in a big house for many years, I can understand the appeal of this kind of lifestyle. Reducing your possessions so that you can fit everyone into a trailer (even if it is a relatively roomy Airstream) forces the kids to entertain themselves and to enjoy being out in nature. That’s much better for kids than being cooped up inside all the time and constantly being given toys, games and electronic devices to keep them occupied.

So I’m on the side of those who think this is a lovely idea, and that they’re making oodles of awesome family memories. That said, their kids are still young. I can guarantee that once the eldest child passes puberty, if not sooner, Mom and Dad will begin dreaming of a home where there are doors. When you live with teens, doors are a must so that parents can have some peace and teens can have some privacy.

But for now, it’s a wonderful lifestyle. If they’re smart, once they decide to settle down again, they’ll find a home that isn’t so large that it requires a lot of time and money to manage. Having a large family is plenty of work on its own; adding in the responsibilities involved in maintaining a huge house is what often pushes parents into “overwhelmed” territory.